Emergency Tree Service: 3 Tips to limit the need for it at all

We had a tree fall on our house. It’s been two weeks and we’re still waiting for the insurance company to come out and give us an estimate. We need help now! What should we do? This is a common call for anyone who offers Emergency Tree Service. Trees are beautiful most of the time, but all of that changes in an instance if one is down on your house or car.
We’ve compiled a list of the top 3 tips that can help you to avoid the need at all for Emergency Tree Service.

Tip 1: Get to know your trees
Having a clear understanding of the trees that are on your property can go a long way to helping you prepare for potential issues with them down the road. Contact an arborist to evaluate the health of trees near your home annually. This tree professional will be able to give you advice on how to best care for the trees or how to best handle unhealthy trees that could cause damage or injury in the future.

TIP 2: Clear Away The Old Before The Storm Does
Old or dead branches, limbs, and even trees themselves are going to come down, this is a cold hard fact of mother nature. The only part of this fact you can help control is if it is planned or unplanned. So Tip 1 is to clear away any dead or dying branches from your trees semi-annually. By doing this one simple fact you can eliminate the possibility that a brittle branch becomes a source of an insurance claim during the next storm. If the problem tree is a large tree, ensure you get a professional Tree Service with the required level of skill and equipment to handle the project safely.

TIP 3: If You Can’t Cut It, Watch It.
Sometimes money is tight, or planning just isn’t an option. In a case where you have trees that are vulnerable to the elements then you need to prepare. The first step in preparing is to pay attention to storm warnings in your area because winds can uproot whole sections of a tree if it’s not anchored well enough in its soil.
Once you know there could be a potential issue with your trees, its time to limit the impact as much as you can. Here are a few ways to attempt to reduce property damage, or even worse, physical injury.

  • Contact a Tree Service Company to see if there is still time for them to come remove the hazardous tree.
  • Move all cars away from the area a tree could land if it were to fall.
  • Always take shelter away from any part of the house that a tree could fall on.

We realize that trees may not be the first thing you think of every morning, but for us at Miller & Sons, it is. So if there is ever a way we can help you get ahead of Emergency Tree Service, or if you end up needing Emergency Tree Service here in the Tampa, FL area, we hope you’ll give us a call.