Tree Trimming

Tree trimming and pruning is an essential part of maintaining your yard. However, if you’re not careful when it comes to tree care, the result can be a messy looking yard that is also dangerous for children and pets. There are two proactive steps when it comes to tree care. Although they seem identical, they both serve a different purpose. Trimming a tree focuses on the look and shape of a tree, while pruning a tree is more strategic and is focused on the overall tree’s health.

Reasons you may need Tree Trimming:

  1. The tree’s look – Trimming a tree helps maintain its shape and appearance. However, you should never try to make it into an unnatural size or change its natural shape. That can seriously harm the tree.
  2. Safety – Dead, broken, or in some cases overgrown tree limbs pose safety hazards to people and property. These branches need to be trimmed to remove the risks of the property owner. Tree branches sometimes also grow too close to utility lines; if this happens, you would need to contact the local utility company.

Tips for trimming your tree:

In order to make the best cut possible, tree trimmers must first find an area on the tree where future growth will occur. The branch collar lies at or near the base of a trunk and grows from stem tissue. When you are trimming a tree, make sure to only trim branches where the branch bark ridge is outside of the branch. Angle your cut away from the stem and never hurt or damage anything near the “collar” at the base of the branch.

To cut a stem that’s too long, make an angled notch on the side of the stem facing away from the branch you are leaving; the second cut should follow this line and be made inside the crotch of the branch and above where it meets its trunk. The final cut can remove any excess wood parallel to where the bark ridge meets stem. If you live in the Tampa area, Miller & Sons would love the opportunity to stop by and give you a free estimate for handling all of your tree trimming needs.

Tree Pruning

Tree Pruning is similar in trimming as far as the actual process, but the driving reason behind pruning is the health of the tree. Although disease may enter a tree, removing diseased branches and limbs can often save infected trees from certain death.
Key things to know when pruning your trees:

Arborists and tree pruning professionals agree that you should perform any pruning of a tree during the dormant season. Knowing the tree type and the yearly cycle of the tree are key to knowing the best time to prune. The only exception is in the case of a safety concern.

Know the diameter size of the branch you are removing:
-Less than 5cm in diameter: removing is ok.
-Between 5cm and 10 cm: only remove if it is diseased or is associated with a safety concern.
-Over 10cm in diameter: you should try to leave these branches unless absolutely necessary to remove.

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