Hurricane Preparedness

The National Weather Center announced the 2021 hurricane preparedness week to be coming up on May 9th through the 15th. Let it serve as a great reminder to us homeowners in the Tampa Bay and SWFL region to double and triple check that our homes’ and properties’ are prepared for hurricane season.

Determine Your Risk
Hurricanes and tropical storms bring many hazards to the Tampa Bay region, many of which weigh heavily on the mind of many homeowners in Florida. Strong winds, storm surge, inland flooding, tornadoes and rip currents can cause major damage to homes and businesses. Trees, more often than not, are one of the most damaging to homes and vehicles during hurricane season.

Size Up Your Trees
Estimate the height of the trees in your yard and compare it to the distance the tree is from your house. How many trees are within striking distance of your home? Which trees pose a risk and how healthy are the trees? Even healthy trees can be brought down in a major storm.

Maintain Your Trees
Do you have tree limbs falling on your roof or driveway? Having your trees trimmed and pruned regularly is always the best way to prepare for a storm. Depending on the type of trees you have, you may need to have them trimmed every 3 to 6 months.

Yearly Tree Health Checks
It is a good idea to have the health of the trees in your yard checked by a certified arborist at least once per year. The health of a tree can decline rapidly and for many reasons.
If the cause for the decline in your trees health is caught soon enough and properly mitigated, your tree can be saved. However, more often than not the tree’s health is overlooked and it then becomes a risk to your home and property.

That’s why it’s important to pay the tree doctor a visit for a yearly checkup. In any case we have two certified arborists on staff and we will be happy to provide you with a free arborist report for the trees on your property.