Emergency Tree Removal

Even with all of the planning and preventative measures you could take, sometimes bad things can still happen. Because of this unfortunate fact, Miller & Sons has paired a 24 hour/7 days a week emergency tree service with our other preventative services.


What is Emergency Tree Service?

There are a few words that need to be defined in this statement to help clarify the difference in this and your normal tree service.

First, the word “emergency” in this instance refers to anytime you have a need. Everyone’s level of emergency is different, but we are on call 24/7 so when you feel it qualifies as an emergency to you, it qualifies to us.

The second part of this is the Tree Service section. Tree service in general can be several things concerning trees and how they impact your property. “Emergency Tree Service” is the process of removing a tree and it’s debris once it has fallen due to a storm, wind, or other unplanned events.

Emergency Tree Service is not offered by every tree company, and even when it is, it may not be 24/7. A true emergency response service has dedicated contact points, such as phone numbers and/or emails that allow for those needs to gain priority in their response. Along with quicker communication, emergency includes having specialized, dedicated individuals and equipment to ensure the removal is completed quickly and with no additional damage to property.

Is Emergency Tree Service Expensive?

This question actually comes up often and we are more than happy to address it. In general, emergency tree service is done at a higher cost than normal due to several factors. The factors we are referencing are that there will need to be a level of care in making sure the tree is removed without making things worse. In addition to the delicate situation, the speed at which the issue needs to be resolved will often times increase the number of employees needed to handle the project quickly.

Here is the good news though, most insurances will cover the cost. Now would be a good time to get with your insurance provider and ensure they would cover this type of service if it were ever needed. Many times clients reach out to their providers after the fact which is too late to correct, if needed.

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Why use Miller & Sons’ Emergency Tree Service?

Response time, equipment, and our highly skilled employees are unmatched by anyone within the Tampa area. We ensure we are always leading the way in every aspect of what we do, this service is no exception.

Miller & Sons Emergency Tree Service is on call 24 hours a day, 365 days a year for anyone in Tampa Bay, Clearwater, Saint Petersburg, or its surrounding areas.

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