Tree Removal: How do you know when it’s time to cut it down?

As a property owner, you probably have a few trees that you have to keep an eye on. Maybe one that has “been here for 100 years” or another that you have an old rope swing on and the rope is now part of the tree. Occasionally, you may have one or two trees that need to come down, despite how sentimental they may be. This can be a big task as there are many different types of tree removal that you may need to perform when removing them. Due to the effort or cost associated with removing a tree, making sure it’s the only option is the key. So how do you know when it’s time? We will cover the main things to consider when deciding if a tree should stay or if it should go. Where is the tree? The first thing you’ll need to consider is where the tree is in relation to your property. If you’ve got a free standing tree that is or could be damaging to other trees or structures, then this may be one of the cases where cutting it down and removing it entirely will be necessary. Mother Nature has a way of removing trees, so to avoid her deciding it for you, get ahead of it so you can control how the tree is taken down and what it hits on the way, hopefully nothing. One area, often overlooked when considering the location of a tree, is if there are power lines close to the tree. If you do have an issue or concern with power lines and your trees, it is best to contact your local utilities company to get their take on the situation. How hard is it going to be to take the tree down? Any tree that you are considering removing will have a cost associated with it. Even if you handle it yourself, it will cost you time and effort. If you do hire a professional tree service to remove it, then of course they will have a cost for completing the removal. A huge factor in determining the cost of removal, is just how hard it will be to take the tree down. Here are the key things that you can look at to get an idea on if this will be a easier or more difficult project: -How big and tall is the tree? The rule here is, the bigger they are the more it costs. May be common sense to most people, but it is the foundation for cost on any tree removal. -How close to other objects is the tree? If the tree is located in a tight space with structures, power lines, fencing, or even other trees, then the cost will be higher as those removals take a higher degree of skill and equipment to complete safely. It needs to go, what now? Alright, so now you have decided that a tree does need to be removed, what’s next? You really have three options when it comes to getting that tree down: Option 1: DIY-Handle it yourself. According to the difficulty associated with the removal, you may try and attempt the removal yourself. If you do so, it is still advised to get insight and helpful tips from a tree care professional. Sure, there may be a slight cost associated with them coming out and providing you guidance, but it will save you the higher cost of handling it or the cost of you mishandling it and causing a ton of damage on your property. Option 2: Let Mother Nature Handle it. Here is the truth, if a tree is supposed to come down due to the health or age of the tree and you don’t have it taken down, Mother Nature will handle it for you. This is of course the least controlled way of handling tree removal, but it is also the most guaranteed way an unhealthy tree is coming down. Tornados, Hurricanes, or even just heavy winds can take a tree and turn it into a wrecking ball. Option 3: Let them do what they do. This is the option that points to letting the professional Tree Removal companies do tree removal. Sounds basic and almost too obvious, but a lot of times property owners will decide to handle a removal themselves or deprioritize a tree removal due to the cost. If someone handles it themselves and it goes poorly, someone or something could be seriously hurt or damaged. A risk that some take, but is unnecessary. Deciding to avoid the problem is when option 2 comes into play and then you have the added cost of damage to everything the tree hits on it’s way down, another avoidable issue. Honestly, if there is a tree or trees on your property that need to come down, the best option will always be to let the tree professionals “do what they do”. A proper Tree Service company is ready with the proper people and equipment needed to handle your tree removal. We at Miller & Sons would be happy to help you in both the decision and, if needed, removal of any tree on your property. We always provide free estimates to anyone within the Tampa, FL area, and would be honored to do the same for you.