Stump Grinding Tampa

Stump Removal In Tampa

Stump Removal Service in Tampa FloridaAre you looking for stump removal services in Tampa? We only offer stump grinding service as long as its part of a complete tree take down. If you already had your tree removed and are looking to now get the stump removed you will need to find a company that deals specifically with single stump jobs.

Most tree services won’t take out a single stump unless if its part of the full tree removal job. The reason behind this is the cost of equipment, time and effort needed to remove a single stump. If you hired us to remove your tree we can then put into the quote the stump removal (which normally cost around $200-$400, depending on size and number of trees we are removing). That way we can bring our stump grinder with us, remove your tree and then remove the stump at the same time.

It would be more work to come back, setup the stump grinder and spend 1-2 hours removing a single stump. The stump removal process can take time and sometimes a larger or harder stump will take hours to properly have it removed.

At Miller Son Tree Service we try to be as efficient as possible and in order for us to offer faster and quality services to our customers we cannot take on single stumps. There may be exceptions to this if you have multiple stumps and would like them all removed at the same time. Then the cost and time commitment makes sense for us to come out. We can still offer a free estimate if you have multiple stumps you wish to have removed.

Just note that some stump removals aren’t necessarily completely removed. Some stumps are grinded down to just below the surface of the ground, while other stumps may need to be completely ripped out of the ground. Our stump grinder can get your stump down a few inches below the ground and then nature will take care of the rest and rot it out. In our hot, humid environment here in Tampa that usually speeds up the process of stump rot.

If you have questions about our stump removal policy or would like to speak with us, you can call us (813) 771-8733 or email us here.