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Miller Son Tree Service has been providing quality tree removal to the Tampa area for the past 9 years. Having trees in a hot and humid climate are important for creating shaded and cool areas. Removing a large live oak in tampa floridaWhen trees are left to grow uncontrollably, they cause problems. Trees become a hazard to electrical lines. Some limbs are roof-repairs waiting to happen. Storms blow weak branches to the ground adding to the debris homeowners must clean. If trees become too large, then they cause plumbing problems and break concrete. Trees that are too big for the yard require extraction. We are the top pick for tree removal in Tampa for choosy customers.

Why Choose Us For Your Tree Removal Service?

  • We offer fast and professional services
  • We have been in business for over 9 years
  • We are license and insured in Florida
  • We will beat any price quote of our competitors
  • We offer emergency tree removal or tree clean up services

We have the experience customers want. Our crews are fully insured for the protection of our clients and their property. However, we are experts at safely removing trees. The insurance is there, but we work hard to protect you so that insurance claims are unnecessary! Miller Son also offers tree trimming services.

We use high-quality, professional grade equipment. Our equipment allows us to access any tree, no matter how oddly located. Having the right equipment for the job helped us to become the number one choice for tree removal in Tampa FL.

What Our Customers Expect From Miller Son Tree Service?

  • We find that our customers like to know the cost up front.
  • We provide free estimates.
  • Our bids coincide with the individual needs of our clients.
  • Some customers like to remove the stump. There are clients who want us to take everything with us when we leave; others want to keep firewood.
  • With most jobs, there are usually a wide variety of options. Putting the customer first earned us our reputation as the most sought after Tampa tree removal company.

When customers decide on a bid, we set a date to remove the tree. We prefer to start early. When it comes to larger trees, we have learned to expect unforeseen challenges. Our customers appreciate the fact that we provide and hang notices on neighbors’ doors. The notices provide information and precautions that neighbors should take to avoid property damage. The other purpose is to prevent impediments to the targeted tree.

On the scheduled day, our crew arrives on time and begins work. We take the tree down one step at a time. We have people in the tree and on the ground. They work together using ropes and chainsaws to ensure that branches fall in an orderly way. Our equipment includes a mulch chipper. Many of our clients appreciate the fact that their old shade tree serves a second purpose as mulch.

Tree Removal Tampa FL

Laurel oak tree removal in TampaWe consider our work complete only when our customer is satisfied. Some customers enjoy saving money by cutting some of the firewood or picking up the debris after our crew is gone. Your signature of approval is the final step.

The secret to our success is placing the customer’s needs above anything else. We have the knowledge, equipment, and experience to do the job right. Why would you call anyone else? Now is the time to stop wondering how much it would cost to get rid of your overgrown tree. Call us today at (813) 771-8733 and find out why people call us first when they need tree removal in Tampa. Find us on Google