Palm Tree Trimming

Palm Tree Trimming And Removal In Tampa

guy trimming a palm tree in tampaAre you looking for a palm tree trimming or a palm tree removal service in the Tampa Florida area? Our area is full of palm trees and every year they need to be trimmed in order to continue looking nice. Sometimes a palm tree will die and will need to be removed. We offer palm tree removal to those around the Tampa area.

Palm Tree Trimming Cost In Tampa

Its hard to say what the final cost of palm tree trimming or even palm tree removal will be because it all depends on the size of your palm tree and how many you have. We can give a better price if you have multiple trees rather than just one tree. Also if your palm tree is short it will cost less than if your palm tree is 60ft tall.

Palm trees are very strong trees and is the reason why you will see so many in the Tampa area. These palms can withstand high winds, hurricanes and the constant thunderstorms that our area receives. Many homeowners choose palms because of their low cost and low maintenance required to grow. They also offer shade which can help lower the cost of cooling a home.

The problem we find is that many palm trees are over trimmed or pruned. Did you know that palm trees are just like any other tree where pruning should be done at a minimum and that over pruning can actually harm the tree. Back in 2014 USA Today put out an article about how “Extreme Pruning Puts Florida Palm Trees In Peril“. Too many tree services were out trimming palm trees that most likely did not need to be touched, but its a money maker for these companies and many homeowners don’t know otherwise.

The main time that these trees need to be trimmed is when you find dead or dying fronds. Fronds are the branches that come off the palm tree, as if its shedding another layer. This is completely normal but they need to be removed otherwise you may find that they attract bats, rats and squirrels.

If you think you need palm tree trimming or palm tree removal in Tampa, give Miller Son Tree Service a call. We can offer free estimates, most likely over the phone. If you have multiple palm trees on your property we may want to come out and see the job site or you may be able to send us pictures. Call us at (813) 771-8733 or fill out our contact form here.