Land Clearing

Land Clearing Service In Tampa

Land Clearing Service In Tampa FloridaDo you need land clearing services in the Tampa area? Miller Son Tree Service can offer land and lot clearing for those who are looking to get their land cleared from trees and other debris.

The main service our company provides is tree removal and trimming but along with that we know people require complete land clearings for certain projects. We have had customers call us up to get their lot cleared from all trees, shrubs and debris in order to get it prepped for building a structure.

Its important that you hire the right company for your land clearing needs because sometimes there are certain permits and requirements you need to know about before starting this type of job. Some trees in Florida require a permit before they can be cut down and if you cut down the wrong trees you can be slapped with heavy fines.

Give Miller Son Tree Service a call today to discuss your options and get a free estimate for your land clearing needs. We are open Monday – Saturday and can meet you at the property. We may need to take pictures and will either file the permits for you or help with getting any required permits before we start work.

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